Sunday, August 12, 2007

BayDinSayas (astrologers) and Their Clients

Most Myanmar people believe Horoscopes & Planets’Order.Tradionally mm people cast & keep Horoscopes,used to ask Baydinsayas abt their Years ahead.Most Baydinsayas blieve planets’order was in their command.A saya may say U are under Mars transit in Ur Wealthy planet Jupiter of birth horoscope or other planetary aspects,he may read.So planets & all spheres were at Baydinsaya’command.It was not TRUE,I noticed every now and then.All of spheres were Not Our Order.Check ;America ’New World Order? This slogan means this planet Earth was under American Command.How Do U think this Order.The same as in astrology & horoscopes.
Astrology was based in symbolism and myths.Symbolic characters must be versed well and must be fit to our nature.
some MM Sayas play remedies as Yadayar to perform Ending Devils & Wrongs .It was non sense Baydin Services.Planets did notimpel, but only compel.They are not our Order but God’Order.
An astrologer can say true 50% of a horoscope.Most World famous astrologers even woofed abt Horoscope.
My poor study of astrology was to play as a social activity upon Mankind & Society.Saya does not mean Guru.A patient died among many Sayas,say a myanmar proverb.So we should check Sayas in all aspects.
I seldom practice Mahabote Myanmar Baydin.It was totally numberlogy based method.You may notice #7 Days Horoscope in magazines & journals.Reading such column you will see people are divided by # 7 lords of Sphere.
Badin Columns
Another Columnist Horoscope was zodical Predictions :Aries,Turas ,Gemini,Cancer,up to Pisces ,Monthly April 23 to May 23 such,such astrology was really General Reading for people.
There are some Sayas & Sayamas advitised in Dailies and Directories to receive Baydin Calls & deliver callers predictions.This was called Phone May Baydin.
Online Baydin Services.
Vary little to do such Biz coz low English and uneasy IT knowhow,baydinsayas can’t practice such baydin Biz.
Even nationwise astrologers can’t do so in this way.
Burmese Astrology Sayas
Most myanmars know well more abt Burmese Mahabote Baydin.Among them Saya Min Thin Kha was famous.He was an author to a fortuneteller.Myanmar astrology like mahaboke was inclusive of Letsan baydin.persons apply letsan called letsan sayas.Late U Kyar Myint,U Maung Maung Than,Min Thin Kha & majorities of pagoda baydinsayas are Letsan Sayas.Pagods were best locations to perform astrology related rituals upon clients.I well expressed abt pagodas & planets in next Post.
Mahabote was Myanmar Origional Subject.Late American woman astrologer Barabra Cameron issued Mahaboke in english language.I don’t know abt It’s copyright.Myanmar Sayas didn’t value copyright issue over intellegent products.
Expectant Mothers & Baydinsayas,
New consulations abt astrology was selecting Due Dates for expectant mothers to give birth babies.Really,mothers-to-be should ask O.G doctors for their wellcoming babies.Baydinsayas was nothing to do with Due Dates of mothers-to be.Whatever astrologers sellect a day,a moment or a Horoscope,there are many factors to critatize abt Time Of Birth and Date Of Birth by means of various astrology subjects.
My point of view to this Case,may i suggest mothers-to-be to choice Time Between 09 Am to 11:30 PM of any Days of the week.This Momment was easy for doctors and midwifes to operate during Office hours.Every day, this momment can set The Sun from 11#house to 10#house of Horoscope any places in the world.Other planetary aspects & planets combinations need not be considered at all,because a baby’fortune was not 100% datermined by Horoscope.

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