Friday, August 10, 2007

Kp astrology & myanmar astrologers

KP astrology school was started in india & now worldwide popular Idea related to KP theories.Little myanmar practice it.Majority of myanmar astrologers prefer classical hindu astrology texts.Guru K.S.K differed theories away from traditional hindu classical Texts.My best item abt KP were Four-fold Rules of Signafactors & Sub Lord Theory. If U want to become a successful astrologer, U needed to follow eastern & western astrology..Among Astro Subjects,KP was more easy to sellet facts & datas to read a single Sign ie House of Zodica..A planet was many a thing to KP astrologer while other Sayas were thinking abt over a planet.

Guru K.S.K had paid attention to Dasa Planetary Periods to Birth Charts.Although he written abt Transits.But his new idea abt Sensitive Point Finder to Zodiac was wonderful to follow.I mostly read birthcharts by transits.Transiting planets always are changing signafactors in their located positions.Baydinsayas needed to check transiting signifinators to sellct Datas to read Charts.
Most mm baydinsayas follow MahaBoke ,Numberlogy & Traditional hindu Astrology.Some say they use western ,using sidereal zodiac.Myanmar Astro Research Bereau was leading local group for teaching Astrology.The group leaders use only sidereal & Hindu Vediac Astrology Texts.Many Hindu texts are translated by Dr.Kan Nyunt of that group.They consider KP useless,and eager abt Vegas i.e, various divicional charts to set up Theripati Horoscope,they announced.
One Horoscope Read.
KP reads One Chart.One Horoscope was enough for singnifinators purposes.
A Happy Marriage of 27# Constellations and 12# Zodiacal Signs prove s Understanding of Any Horoscope.
This was Universal Zodiac Theory,set by late Gurugyi K.S.K .

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  1. ေဗဒင္ဆရာ ေရေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္။kp အေၾကာင္းထပ္ေရပါအံုး ဟႏၵိဴဆရာေတြ ကေရွးရိုးၾကီးဗ်
    kp ကိုမသိဘဲမေကာင္းေၿပာၾကတယ္။India မွာ kp က Ph.d အဆင့္ကိုေပးတာ မသိၾကဘူး


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