Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pagodas and Planets(Astrological Setting)

Most myanmar Pagodas were surrounded by platforms.Along the pagoda platform you can see Planetary posts namely Sun post, Moon post,Mars post and others.They are in 8 posts.Due North was posted Venus setting.Due East was Moon post.Due West was Jupitor & due South Mercury.Those cardinal posts are along the pagoda 4 gates.Those planets are considered benefic.People pray at planetary posts as individual birthday falls.So the posts become places for remedy purposes.
The arrangement for planetary posts came from Indian astrology origin.This setting wes called Astttari Dasa(planetary period of 108 years).The period for all 8 planets was 108 years.Zodically The Sun Period wes 6 years and started from Krittika Star in sign Aries(siderial).Myanmar astrology holds that Sunday born person started with 6 years of Sun period from birth.Sun 6 years,Moon 15 ,Mars 8,Mercury 17,Saturn 10,Jupitor 19,Rahu(Dragon’head) 12 & Venus 21 years.Total Years 108.Among the posts pagoda was in the centre was named Ketu(Dragon’ Tail),No 9 Figure.

 It was wonderful that ancient pagods are without such posts.Visit Bagan pagods you will see pagodas without posts.I donot know which time myanmar set pagods with planetary posts.Another post in pagodas was Hinda Bird Post.Hinda Bird was myanmar zodical logo.I donot know which angle it posts.

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