Friday, August 10, 2012

Thingyan Min is coming to the town

      Myanmar astrologers mark new year in Tagu Month of myanmar calendar.this tagu month gets along with zodical sign Aries.So Myanmar new year day starts in sun ingress day to Sign Aries.Royal myanmar astrologers issued annual new year reports or mundane predictions on wide papers namely Thingyan Sar.
                  the pot marking the come of thingyan min                                                                                         


            In those Thingyan Sar, astrologers predict Agricultural,Weather Forecasting,official holidays along with buddhish lent and full moon and new moon days.Myanmar Farmers believe on those thingyan sars .some Dos & Don’ts are written on this annual forecast.
The myanmar annual report mentioned 12 myanmar months with full moon days and new moon days.It also contained eclipses during the year.Most myanmar people buy thingyan sar to read when they need to do some social and economical things. so the thingyan sar become myanmar traditional year planner,We can also call thingyan sar ,myanmar farmers  almanac.Myanmar farmers use thingyan sar to know date to plant and harvest during the year.
         Some Red Letter Days are also mentioned in this myanmar almanac ,These are Myanmar Buddhist Days to celebrate especially Fullmoon Days of each months.Myanmar Calendar was of solunar months.There was  a leap year around 3 or 4 years in myanmar calendars.

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